A New Beginning. Our First TEDxKazimierz Salon in 2021

Everything is starting to come together! With our next event drawing close we are working hard to get everything prepped and ready.


A new beginning. A statement that’s unique for each individual. What first came to mind when you read it? What was your new beginning?

This is our first chosen theme for 2021, deciding it is a broad enough theme for it to be universally relatable, especially given how the past year has treated all of us.

For TEDxKazimierz, our new beginning includes both new leaders and a new team. This, of course, means a lot of changes in how we function. We aim to provide an eventful year full of diverse speakers and topics and to make TEDxKazimierz the unique experience we’ve always envisioned. We’re excited to see where these changes take us and we hope you stick around for the ride.

There are good and bad sides to starting over, some cases more unfortunate than others. The TEDxKazimierz team is working hard so that we can present to you one extremely unique story of one individual’s new beginning, how it happened and what came of it.


Ambitious and starry-eyed, our speaker for our next event grew up with a passion for volleyball, even being rewarded with a scholarship that allowed her to play abroad in the US. 8 years passed, and she decided that she wanted to see more.


She’s started many new chapters in her life. From moving to Caracas, Venezuela to the US to pursue volleyball, to eventually moving to Ireland for a fresh start. Many years later, she’s now currently settled here in Krakow, Poland.

An adventurous new beginning, for sure. However, her story doesn’t end there.

Being met with unfortunate news right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she had to adapt and adjust to her new reality. Living in a foreign country, far from her family that she was not able to go back to due to travel restrictions.

Her story is harrowing, but it’s hard not to find the story inspiring. Despite all she’s gone through, she’s come out on top and continues to live her life to her fullest.


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“What we call the beginning is often the end

And to make an end is to make a beginning.

The end is where we start from.”

T.S Eliot


Written by Izzy Castletine-Jackson