We’re looking for sponsors!

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As announced in our most recent post, TEDxKazimierz is stepping onto 2023 with great excitement: our community is growing and we are determined to change the world!

We are a non-profit organization with the objective to promote thought-provoking, tolerant and far-reaching discussions. We prioritize an inclusive, positive and welcoming atmosphere to provide a high-quality experience and an accepting, inclusive community.

Our work aims to give world-changing ideas a global reach by bringing together a combination of entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators to create a platform where understanding and cooperation can bring a multitude of benefits. We attract active people from different parts of the world, giving them a chance to showcase their projects, talk about their ideas and network.

That’s why we are looking for sponsors for TEDxKazimierz! We are looking for people willing to raise awareness on current events, transformative ideas and eye-opening, human moments. We are on the same boat, and we will only grow stronger if we forge a pathway together.


What’s in it for me?

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By providing any type of support to TEDxKazimierz, you will be able to increase brand awareness, access to a highly engaged and influential audience and to convey alignment with TEDxKazimierz’s mission of spreading ideas and promoting progress. Our plans include a wide range of services, such as distribution of marketing material to projecting the organization’s logo on the main conference’s screen during breaks.

Nonetheless, our programs are not set in stone! We wish to adapt them to meet partners’ expectations. Besides financial support, there are other opportunities for cooperation. Should none of our packages fully meet your needs, feel free to bring it up – we are open to discussion.


TEDxKazimierz. Sponsors for TEDxKazimierz. Statistics with status/studies/work ranges in TEDxKazimierz participants.

Help us spread our message.

By partnering with us, we will have the means to put great speakers, projects, and ideas on the stage; to ensure a high quality event, strengthen the TEDxKazimierz Community and help us secure the resources we need.

We believe in the impact that people can have, in the power of words and love. Our goal is to provide a space that receives anyone with open arms, where one can evolve both personally and professionally. Let’s work together for a better future! 


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