TEDxKazimierz is ready for 2023! Are you?

TEDxKazimierz is back on track, with our first event coming up on March 7th. The first to many more that are coming, with the aid of a new, larger team! 

Throughout the year, you will be able to partake in a tolerant, open-to-debate, and professional environment. We aim to bring precisely this to the attendees, who will not perform as passive bystanders, but as participants! 

Our purposes are to spread the word about TED, TEDx and, TEDxKazimierz; building a loving, accepting community, as well as bringing a compassionate, communicative spirit forth. We prioritize an inclusive, positive and welcoming atmosphere to provide a high-quality experience, which can inspire people and bring thought-provoking conversations about. We believe in the power of humanity, of listening to one another, and of opening our arms and hearts to shelter those ideas and people that are standing in front of us. 


What can I expect from the upcoming TEDxKazimierz Salon “The Art of Not Regretting”?

During our TEDxKazimierz Salon “The Art of Not Regretting”, we put our kindest efforts to bring forward innovation, motivation, awakening and this inspiration you are looking for in order to find your way to success and transform your career, your life, and the world around you. Pre-recorded TED talks will be showcased and discussions and an open mic session will be hosted, with a Q&A with the specialist in career change.


Patrick Ney during TEDxKazimierz talk talking to one of the participants

The day before you die: Why doing what really matters is so important | Patrick Ney | TEDxKazimierz

We want to put great ideas on our stage, like when Patrick Ney joined us to tell his story. A moment of truth, an epiphany that “hit him like a diamond”. It came clear to him that the strength and power of love transformed his mindset, goals and life journey after being stuck in blurry, monotonous times. Our paces do not let us have a moment to rethink nor step back, and we tend to rely on day-long routines that can lead to a feeling of stagnation both in our careers and personal development. How do we know what is the right next challenge? What areas do I need to even work on? How am I supposed to find the spark that lights inspiration?



Final thoughts

Come join us in this first TEDxKazimierz Salon and enjoy in the company of friends, relatives or colleagues who might be in need of a spark of inspiration. Let’s fight stagnation with compassion and life-changing debates. Find more information about the event and book your ticket online now by clicking here

Stay tuned: much more is coming!