TEDxKazimierz is Back! – What are the next steps?

Dear Community!

We are excited to share an important update with you: we received our official license for 2021! This means that we can not only finally start planning our main event for this year, but to apply for more licensed online (and hopefully offline!) events. Regardless of the format, we are sure that you will enjoy every single one of them as our team is determined to continue delivering high-quality content and unique shared moments.

Currently, we are planning to have our main event on October 14, 2021. We know that is far away, but don’t worry! We are planning smaller events along the way.


? Save the date for our next events!

TED Circles Countdown: Future Cities and Urban Spaces

TED Circles: Consumption, what’s your function?



? If you want us to feature a great speaker for one of our events, make sure you nominate your speaker via this link:



?If you would like to get in touch with us and support our team, then we want to hear from you! We are looking for someone with experience in Speaker Research, Graphic Design, and Photography.  If you know someone who knows someone! 🙂



❤️ Having this opportunity, we would also like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Richard Lucas who has led our TEDxKazimierz team since 2015.  Richard, we will miss you (not that he is gone, no: make sure you sign up for regular TED Circles as that’s the best chance to meet him there)!


Stay tuned!

Your TEDxKazimierz Team ❤️