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#6 Jamie Miles

Jamie Miles #Speaker

Jamie Miles set up his first online business aged 12, which helped fund his studies at Oxford University. As the first student from his school to study at Oxford, he decided to start sharing videos on his YouTube channel on the process of applying and the art of learning, helping thousands of potential applicants to achieve their academic ambitions. His channel has over 1 million views and won the Oxford University award for innovation in access.


Continuing his own studies, Jamie worked at Google before moving into the world of startups, as one of the early employees of Onfido, an identity verification company. Onfido confirms people are who they say they are to foster trust on platforms like Uber, Couchsurfing, BlaBlaCar and Monzo Bank, using its proprietary facial recognition and document checking software. Jamie oversees the FinTech side of the business and is working to scale Onfido through Europe.

Jamie’s message to TEDxKazimierz is to ask whether lessons, wisdom and principles in our culture — from Plato to Pokémon – can inspire people to tackle the hardest and most important questions like,  ‘How do I live a fulfilling life?’ or ‘What should I do for a career?’.