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#1 prof. Philip Zimbardo

Prof. Phil Zimbardo #video message

American psychologist, who became known for his controversial experiment that was conducted in the ’90s at Stanford University, USA. In 2015 there was adapted documentary ”The Stanford Prison Experiment” based on research, which shows human behavioral borders in simulated prison made in academy basements. In the experiment were chosen healthy, psychologically balanced students, whose were grouped on „prisoners” and „guards”. What were results of this research? Why did it reverberate in the world? I am referring to watch the movie:)!

However, on TEDxKazimierz event prof. Phil Zimbardo (Founder and President of Heroic Imagination Project) will give a remarkably interesting video message specially recorded for TEDxKazimierz about the  Heroic Imagination Project. The innovative psychological program, which was born in San Francisco and has been implemented in many countries in the world, also in Poland. A characteristic feature of the project is discovering in ourselves leadership potential and hidden possibilities promoting prosocial activities. This program is directed to ordinary people, who can become real heroes in society, as a result, responding to issues properly. This is, therefore, a project aimed to encourage people to express their own opinions, especially those who have the ability to empathize with particular social issues.


About all this, we are going to hear in the video recorded by the author of the project himself on our conference on April 22. We invite you to register today! Tickets are limited!