TEDxKazimierz Adventure for the second time

The second TEDxKazimierz Adventure has been held in Dobra Kasza Nasza On 14 March 2016. The event was “How professional speakers use their body language during public speech?” workshop. Role of a mentor has been taken by Marcin Szewczyk, president of the Toastmasters Club AGH, award-winning and certified speaker.

We had been taught great amount of knowledge regarding body language in general. Moreover, Marcin showed us some tips & tricks, such as, while telling a story when we want to talk about future we should start moving to the right of the stage, and when we want to talk about past we should move to the left. This concept is also being used in the film industry – camera rolls from left to right when positive moment is going to happen. What is more, when we want to put emphasis on important facts, we ought to come closer to the audience. The tips list goes on and on, we strongly recommend attending events hosted by Marcin in order to get to know all of them.

Meeting included theoretical presentation but some practical exercises were involved as well. For instance we ought to get on stage and present ourselves, tell the audience why are we attending the workshop and what we want to learn. The exercise ended only if speaker managed to stand in silence for 15 seconds – it is not as easy as it seems so.

The workshop was focused on acquiring basic knowledge of body language, which allowed us to be more conscious about what we do while speaking.