1st edition of TEDxKazimierz!

Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.Three-time Olympic gold medalist, Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Big ideas come in all shapes and sizes. As we grow, we share our experiences and knowledge with the world. These experiences shape our outlook and inspire great ideas. Inspiration comes from the world around us, and new experiences foster growth. The consequence of getting older tends to be that we get set in our own ways – sometimes it takes something really unexpected to shake us up and change our perspective. Like, let’s say, the imagination of a child.
A child’s ability to see wonderment in the world inspires the lives of people around them. Often their fearlessness and imagination allows them to spread change across the world in a unique, unprecedented way. Untainted by experience, they do not fall to the cynicism often associated with adulthood. Their big ideas are spontaneous, wonderful and awe inspiring. They are immune to adversity and the limitations that our ‘experienced’ mindsets tend to put on us.

Take Dylan Mahalingam, for example. At the age of nine, he co-founded Lil’ MDGs, a nonprofit international development and youth empowerment organization that has mobilized more than three million children to work on a variety of issues via the power of digital media. Children, like Dylan, take ideas from the world around us and do amazing, inspiring things with them – things we adults can learn from. Age is no more than a number – not a limit. It is not about how long you’ve been on this planet, but what you’ve done in your time here. That’s why we chose Age is no Barrier as the theme for the inaugural TedxKazimierz, taking place May 23rd, 2015 in Krakow, Poland.

Traditionally, Kazimierz, Krakow’s Jewish quarter, has always housed a mix of cultures, professions. It has been a place where Christian and Jewish cultures have co-existed side-by-side: a place where diversity is celebrated. As Kazimierz has grown through the ages, so has its identity, attracting hundreds of tourists, artists, locals, thinkers, doers and innovators. Kazimierz, as a community is proud of its roots and identity. The people you meet, whether they are born and raised there, transplants or transient visitors, are open, waiting to share their ideas, thoughts, history and personal story how Kazimierz has shaped their lives. It’s impossible to come to Kazimierz, not feel part of the community and be changed by it.

TedxKazimierz seeks to emulate this spirit and to celebrate Kazimierz and share its big ideas.

We’re looking for people who want to share their stories. Have you found your voice in the crowd? Think you can inspire young and old alike? Do you know of someone who’s doing amazing inspiring things that should be shared with the world – Like Dylan? Go to TEDxKazimierz.com and drop us a note. We’re on the hunt for great speakers.
And if you’re looking for inspiration about what kind of ideas we’re talking about, you can find out more about Dylan’s thoughts on diversity from his TEDxTeen talk here.

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