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#2 dr Agnieszka Wilczyńska

Dr Agnieszka Wilczyńska #speaker

As a successful woman, she has edited, authored, and co-authored many scientific publications in the field of psychology. She is the author of the book that was published regarding her gathered publications, “Uwarunkowania radzenia sobie młodzieży w sytuacjach zagrożenia wykluczeniem społecznym,” and the editor of another, titled “Młodzież na biegunach życia społecznego.” For 20 years, she has taken part in progressive educational approaches and research projects which are aimed at exploring the topic of workplace science. In her own research, she pointed out that the lack of affiliation to a social group can be for many people an important issue in struggling with the process of maturity. The fact of exclusion, or rejection from the community where somebody would like to affiliate can cause serious consequences of the mental condition. There are a lot of people in the world, even famous like Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, and Albert Einstein, who have repeatedly experienced social rejection. Nevertheless, they faced their issues and overcame them.

Furthermore, she is the co-founder of “Zimbardo Youth Center,” as well as the leader of “Heroic Imagination Project” and “Understanding Human Nature” programs in Poland.

At TEDxKazimierz Dr Agnieszka Wilczynska will tell us about many local and international projects, which she is involved, primarily in the “Heroic Imagination Project” that is executed in Poland in collaboration with Prof. Philip Zimbardo.

What was the inspiration for this project?

The answer we will hear on April 22. We invite to register today!