See how it was! August MeetUp: Realities

After the big hype that followed the release of Pokemon go, I started to think more and more about different kind of realities and how perception influence the reality we are in. That’s why I decided to start looking into TED talks to see if TED already covered this topic.

After finding few interesting ones, I decided to put them together in a meetup, and “Realities” was born.

During the meetup we watched 3 talks:

Although it was my first meetup and there is a lot of room for improvement, I liked the friendly atmosphere we created and the discussions which followed each talk, because we were able to find different angles and perspectives about how reality-changing technologies will impact our life.

And, if you are curious about see how things can develop in this respect, don’t miss out our next meet up, about predicting the future on 28th of September!