Why I’m volunteering! – Christopher M. Flörke

Interview by Jeanne Capdepon

1 Could you tell me more about your volunteering initiative and why you have joined?

Sure! I want to get to know more people who share the same passion and enthusiasm, who want to contribute to society and make the world a better place. As my company Kimberly Clark, its slogan “Welcome Original Thinkers” and the green search engine Ecosia share those values, I am more than happy to join!

2 Why do you volunteer and what you you know about TED and TEDx?

Because I want to contribute to improve how we think, live and act! TED and TEDx are synonyms to me for educating and widening the way we perceive the world around us. This format is essential to bring together people interested in understanding, acting and changing things and others! In my opinion, this format should be brought to education and the public  on a much bigger scale, as it provides high quality information and ideas. In combination with my company’s slogan “Welcome Original Thinkers”, this can’t be valued enough!

3 How do you contribute to the volunteering initiative?

I try my best to bring in my networking expertise from my current company Kimberly Clark with its slogan “Welcome Original Thinkers” and also my free engagement at Ecosia. Together, we can team up together, exchange ideas and build something strong and new.

If not from Cracow: What was the funniest, strangest or most interesting experience that you would like to share since you came to Cracow? 

A random drunk student running into my arms when opening the door at 7am in the morning, I was sleep-drunk and without glasses! I got the shock of my life, as he wanted to get into my flat with violence. After pushing him back with quite a lot of effort, phoning police and 1 hour (!) later, they came… but the guy was gone. Good part of the scary story: I had 3 hours of staying at home!

4 Anything else you want to share?

If anyone is interested about Ecosia and how to plant trees by clicking, tell me. Also, my company Kimberly Clark with their slogan “Welcome Original Thinkers” is always looking for open-minded and creative people who bring in their ideas and thoughts! Let’s build something, together!

… Cracow is a quite unique place for the international job market: software, service, outsourcing companies as well as startups (BPO) are super strong here, making it possible to find new jobs and positions in no time. Due to the highly competitive market, it is even more interesting and hard for corporations to keep those talents. And events like TEDx bring them together! …

5 What do you want to achieve for yourself but also for other people?

Meeting new and inspiring people, changing how the world looks like and how we think and behave!


It would also to be great to know how people can get in touch with your NGO.  Just some basic contact information 🙂 


Just drop me an email via Christopherm.florke@kcc.com

or find me on Whatsapp: 004915755701638

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/christopherfloerke or Christopher M. Flörke

Kimberly Clark: https://www.kccareerspoland.pl/ . If you want more infos, contact me. 🙂 

Ecosia: https://www.ecosia.org/ Ecosia doesn’t really have a single contact, however I can try to establish the contact.