What does TEDx mean to me?

Ania Puchała

TEDx talks always were important for me, because they helped me keeping on the path of my goals to self-growth. Since I remember I have admired TED and TEDx speakers whose stories and words of wisdom helped me to see things differently, point on really important things in life while they happened to be blurred and sometimes even find myself. All of it might sound a little bit pathetic but after all I am grateful for the impact they make.

Therefore, for a long time I was thinking that I would love to join the community who organize such a powerful event. I have many responsibilities in my life, but I always knew that the intellectual value that comes from being around these incredible people who have one goal and enjoy this particular way of self-growth, is one of the most important. This is why I have decided to stop thinking and start doing, to join TEDxKazimierz, so we could
altogether make something special for other people’s life.

Because of my need of doing even more in life, I can promise to contribute as much as I can. Besides involvement which is obvious for me, also I could contribute my personal and professional skills. The last one is represented by mostly User Experience related skills such as design thinking, project flow, agile, but also more personal like empathizing people.

What is more, I could also contribute my design skills (such as graphic design), inter-personal skills, thanks to which I have contacted speakers in the previous events, open-mindedness which makes me eager to try new things and to challenge myself. As I mentioned it – willingness for challenges causes that I am more helpful during such as events.
My contribution to TEDx would help me in achieving my goals. First of all, I could learn new things on different fields. Not only during preparing the event, not only hard skills while doing different things in organization which I really hope for, but also I could learn a lot from people I would organize the event with.

Saying hard skills I mean practical ones, and since I care for variety in tasks that I am responsible for, I hope to learn or practice different kind of skills. What is more I always learn a lot from other people. For me every person is inspirational in some kind of way so being surrounded with motivated, powerful minds, I am sure, will not be found indifferent by me.

What is also important, I would like to be involved in TEDx because of impact on people’s life. As I said before, TED and TEDx always made me feel better, motivated, inspired and more powerful. Behind this kind of events there always are people who brings it to life, whose success is motivated every single person. This is the reason why also I would like to be the part of TEDx – to make people feel better, inspired and ready to take actions.