Age is no limit

wiek nie jest barierą

On 23rd of May, in Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow the first edition of TEDxKazimierz will take place. On our stage with characteristic red X several speakers, including a comedian Jim Williams, a journalist Edward Lucas, or … Emi Maj, will perform their speeches. All of them will refer to the slogan “Age is no limit” which is the main theme of the event.

Regional editions of TED conference are organised successfully worldwide since 2009.

During the TEDxKazimierz event we want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the most important districts of Kraków, that Kazimierz is – says Richard Lucas, one of the organisers of this event. The TEDxKazimierz’s aim is to reflect the spirit of this district and also a cultural heritage that you can touch every day. Attendees will have the possibility to hear about several concepts related to district and other, which perfectly fits within the atmosphere of this place, its mix of culture, ideologies, art – he added. Richard Lucas, organizator

The main theme of this year’s edition is a slogan “Age is no limit” that connects artists, scientists, entrepreneurs. They will speak about breaking barriers, overcoming limitations, that not age but the attention and direction of actions cause the differences and lead to reach goals, make the dreams come true. It also applies to those of them, which may seems very unrealistic. The conference will be divided into few thematic parts.

On the TEDxKazimierz stage we will have a pleasure to host the journalist of “The Economist” Edward Lucas, branding specialist Paweł Tkaczyk, director of the Jewish Community Centre Jonathan Ornstein, jazz vocalist and composer Jerzy Michał Bożyk, designer Emi Maj, comedian Jim William, marketing specialist Karolina Liberka, astronomer Jakub Bochiński, entrepreneur Samuel Cook, musician Sonja Larson, art historian Leszek Jodliński, leadership consultant John Scherer, mountains climber Agnieszka Kiela-Pałys, professor Wojciech Narębski, and the programmer Robert Desmond.

TEDxKazimierz is starting on May 23rd at 9 AM. Presentations will be performed in Polish and English. Participation in the event is free of charge, but due to limited seats, registration is required.

More info about the conference program and the registration is located on website: stronie internetowej.